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-two punch, the weather channel's jim cantore joins us now from bermuda as residents prepare for the arrival of igor. jim? >> reporter: yeah, the premiere has set the tone in calling this what is going to be one of the worst hurricanes to ever affect the island. it's going to be a long duration event. look at the satellite picture here. if we were to take this cloud shield and stick it on a map of the united states, it would pretty much stretch from green bay, wisconsin, all the way down to miami. that's huge. so that means bermuda is going to endure tropical storm and hurricane force winds anywhere from 24 to 36 hours, which is a tremendous long time, probably about three to four times what would normally be the case here for a storm. so we're looking at winds even though they dropped down to 100 miles an hour today, enough, strong enough to do tree damage and also power line damage which is really what they're expecting here to be the main issue. a lot of tree and power line damage. 64,000 people are definitely ready to brace this thing. they were out today admiring mother nature's handiwo
talking about. jim cantore's there, and hurricane igor has approached. they're feeling the effects. we'll take threw live coming up. >>> the end is in sight to the bp oil spillster. we are waiting to hear about a final test in the blown-out well in the gulf of mexico. after pumping in cement, the test of the last step before the well can be declared dead. nbc's kristen dahlgren is live in venice, louisiana. with another good day to you, what are the details on this final test? are you hearing anything in terms of a time update for getting done and finally decided? >> reporter: yeah, hey, alex. we had hoped by now to be able to bring you that official announcement that this well was dead, that it would no longer ever leak into the gulf of mexico. but we're still awaiting any word from out at the well site. we do know that they had planned to do this last pressure test overnight. they had hoped to have it finished around midnight. and what that entails is they've cemented the bottom of the well, they put in 74 barrels of cement, they created this 1,000-foog plfoot plug, and thi test was
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'll be in for a beating, but we'll bring you coverage as long as we can. back to you. >> jim cantore from bermuda. thanks. >>> for more than igor's path let's go to janice. >> good morning. it was a category four for a little more than a week. now it has weakened to category one. that's the great news. the bad news is the extent of thestorm. it is huge. that wind field or the winds that extend from the center out is tremendously large. bermuda will be hit for a long duration, maybe 24 hours to 36 hours ich is longer than usual. the eye with the strongest winds, 85 miles per hour. remember, it's going to be the duration that's going to be what they he to deal with for a longer period of time than normal. they will get battered there with wind and waves. then rip currents along the eastern seaboard from florida to cape cod because of the storm. jenna, back to you. >> thanks. now here's lester. >> all right. to politics now where not all of the focus these days is on the november mid-term election. this weekend the run-up to the 2012 presidential campaign is starting to build. david gregory, good morning. g
. jim cantore joins us. good morning. >> reporter: we have begun at least a 36-hour period of what is going to be tropical storm-force winds, maximized tonight with hurricane-force winds probably around the midnight hour as we deal with very, very strong, we think, power outages. they are already beginning to roll in. we have approximately 4,000 people without power on the island and we haven't gotten to the worst part of the storm yet. we have gusted to 51 miles per hour at the airport. most of the outages are in the southern province. trees and power lines are beginning to fail and it will only get worse. the biggest issue we have seen has been the beach erosion. there are cuts on the beaches with massive waves you see created in the way when the igor was a four that have created beach erosion. now there are just rocks showing. we'll be in for a beating, but we'll bring you coverage as long as we can. back to you. >> jim cantore from bermuda. thanks. >>> for more than igor's path let's go to janice. >> good morning. it was a category four for a little more than a week. now it has
channel's jim cantore in ft. lauderdale. what's expected where you are? >> reporter: the storm's about 225 miles to our south and what you see is what you get here with the wind and the rain and because the storm is not really fully developed, we're not into the worst of that rain yet, last night we had some very heavy rain move through here, as a matter of fact up in melbourne, we had parts of interstate 95 that were closed because of the rain. when we have tropical storm warnings, we're under flash flood watches as well and when those rain bands move in, as many as one to two inches per hour. that's the big concern, they have lowered the water in the canals to obviously allow for some of that water that comes down with some of that rain to move on in. stay off the roads when the heavy rain moves on through and hopefully it will move through and as we wake up tomorrow morning the sun should be back out here across florida which is what people are accustomed to. >> jim cantore, thank you so much for that. >>> also intelligence officials are concerned with what's described as a credible ter
channel's jim cantore is in bermuda with the very latest on this. hello to you, jim. i know yesterday it was looking pretty rough out there, the seas, it looks even worse today. how are you? >> reporter: yeah, we're in this. it's going to be like this tomorrow morning, alex, maybe even a little worse because the storm will be closer. even on the radar, which goes out 300 miles, we still can't see the center yet. and we're getting into these tropical storm force winds already. there have been reports of about 3600 people that have lost power on the island, the southern provinces of bermuda that have lost power, about 64,000 residents. the surf is the big story. it's massive out through here. the waves coming in you can't see from where we're standing because we are trying to protect the camera but there are chunks of beach, about four feet of beach just torn off and that's what is going to be i think the most visual sight in addition to the trees and power lines down, once this is all said and done. so, yes. even though it is not what it was yesterday, it will not be fabian in terms of
. jim cantore is in florida for us today. >> something we're keeping a close eye on, if it gets heavier, the potential for flooding. you look at the palm trees behind me, hardly blowing at all. some of the worst wind last night when some of the first squalls came on through. that's really what we are finding of this depression. very unorthodox and almost falling apart as it's moving now off shore of cuba and hopefully stay that way. the rains right now haven't been heavy enough to cause the flooding and cars moving along pretty well as far as what we can see with the track. this morning in miami-dade enough to cause a few traffic accidents and that's what we heard so far with respect to this. school's in session and government office is open and everyone is pretty much going about business as usual as what is really going to be an all-day rain here in south florida. should end about the time the sun goes down this evening. so, storms go, hopefully this one will go pretty well for florida as we look down the road, though, another risk into early next week of this area possibly being affe
flooding in florida is growing by the hour. >> the weather channel's jim cantore is in ft. lauderdale this morning. give us a quick update. well, first of all, we can barely see you. clearly it's raining. but how serious is this depression and is it going to, at all, have any chance of growing into something stronger? >> i was just listening to bill reed talking to our friend at the weather channel saying the hurricane hunters are now being able to fly in this because we think it's some north of cuban air space. and they are having a tough time finding the center. but when you look at the satellite picture here, this thing is so huge, you wonder if the senate centeris trying to reform somewhere, down, say, west of jamaica or into the central caribbean. either way it means unsettled weather for south florida today and eventually up through the mid-atlantic, which is exactly where they had the deluge the other day with a frontal system. so there's certainly plenty of concerns. let me show you pictures. last night the rain moved through. ponding on the roads and whatnot. heavy rain up no
island during this event. >> thanks for all the updates on what's coming their way, jim cantore. >>> you can go to weather.com. >>> right now, it's anybody's game. a wide field of republicans testing the water ahead of the race i asked chris matthews who has the early edge? >> i just think, she's dynamite. she gets on the stage and does that windshield wiper wave and turns on the crowd and she's got that great voice that you can't ignore. this time of the year, which is basically a protest season, she's the best protester there is. and i think wherever she goes she spreads that magic she created. joe miller, nobody ever heard of her, now she'll be the governor of alaska. now christine o'donnell. it doesn't work everywhere, but you go to a rural area where people are unhappy with the economy, sarah palin is the king. >> is she a king as a politicalb firecracker, an upstart, somebody who generates things or is she the king as a candidate? >> well, we'll see. i think if this economy stays where it is, alex, you and i know it's terrible for people out there. middle aged people being thrown o
channel's jim cantore. that's coming up in a few minutes. look at that pounding surf right there. >>> five adults and eight children are missing in los angeles county, and authorities are concerned that they could be involved in cult-like activity. authorities believe that group is made up of el salvador donor immigrants led by this woman. nbc's kristen welker joins us from burbank. good morning. i hear you just obtained new information. can you share that with us? >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, alex. i certainly can. we're learning more about what the search is going to look like. officials saying they're going to be out in full force searching for those 13 missing people. but what's interesting is that they're going to be focusing on remote areas in the mountainous regions surrounding palmdale, about an hour north of los angeles. so again, they will be out in full force. we are planning to helicopters and a lot of people on foot trying to recover these people. five adults, eight children, ages 3 to 17, missing. and investigators say they believe they're immigrants from e
outage to one-fourth of the island. jim cantore live in bermuda. i understand they got lucky with this, though. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. i mean though it was a long duration event, we knew we would get drilled for several hours here, you showed those waves. look, this is -- that was less than 24 hours ago, probably like 18 hours ago. look at this, as we pan out, i've never seen what was really 20 to 40-foot seas here become this. look at the beautiful, blue water here. just a nice rolling wave up the beach. this is absolutely tremendous. what a recovery here. that's the difference when you are in an island as opposed to a bowl like the gulf of mexico, once you get the wave action it tykes a while to wind down. they are get things back up to order here. new reports of major structural damage at the beach club at hamilton parish. a couple of cot annuals dealing with the waves, sands and stone doing major structural damage to some cottages there. that's the first report of that we heard. but you nailed it. it's the power situation. one point the height of the storm, 30,000 of 35,500
. the weather channel's jim cantore is there for us. jim, good morning. >> lester, good morning. yeah, the national weather service here, the bermuda weather service, says it's called to prepare for a direct hit. the center expected to come within 10 miles of bermud and with 100 mile wide hurcane force winds, a direct hit is unavailable in through here. you can already see the wave action behind me crashing into the rock cliffs throu here. but they're preparing residents. that's the key, to take a major hit. something they haven't seen since fabian here. they're saying we're going to have roof damage, it's going to be widespread. we're going to have tree and power line damage. the royal navy is on standby. the big question is when are they going to b able to get in here? is it going to be monday afternoon? because it looks like conditions are going to be bad for 20, 30, 40 hours where no one will be able to leave their homes and no one will beut on the road. cruise ships plan to park here? no way. they're not even coming in. this certainly looks like it's going to be a very, very bad
. the weather channel's jim cantore was in cape hatteras. >> as you can see, we are still taking it on the chin. this water continues to push up with the strong northerly winds. >> reporter: dawn revealed roads that looked like rivers and a beach full of tires that were submerged for decades as an artificial reef. because the winds never reached shore damage was limited. with no reports of major injury and only scattered power outages. by midday it was a category one storm. on the jersey shore, a 20-year-old man is presumed dead after he disappeared while swimming thursday night. those powerful waves are still hammering away at long island new york. >> obviously the surf has come up a lot. there is definitely a riptide out there. we're starting to see a lot of beach erosion. >> reporter: but they are perfect conditions for the fearless. >> how have the waves been? >> they have been fantastic. really fantastic. can't complain. >> reporter: good memories of earl? >> definitely. he's a good friend. >> reporter: now awaiting its turn, cape cod. >> everybody's frantic. everybody's got to get the med
jim cantore is on the east coast. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if i said we set three and four and five day rainfall records, that probably doesn't mean much but when i put the numbers on it, we had 20 inches of rain in the last four days. here comes the rain again. we had enough of break this morning the waters receded a little on this road. you can see the water line. it came up another two feet when we got the period of heavy rain. that's what we're worried about. when these periods of heavy rain come in, will they produced flooding. schools are closed and even though this is the remnant of nicole, it is worse here than yesterday in south florida. winds gusting at 50 miles an hour or so will absolutely have potential to take down trees and power lines, especially giving the saturated soil. this situation will not end the next 12 hours and all of it through the district and up north as you well know. we'll keep you posted when it gets bad and will get worse up north. >> jim cantore, for the weather channel. thank you very much. >> al is outside. go ahead. >> good mor
, thanks very much. >>> let's go to wilmington, north carolina. jim cantore is there and a tremendous amount of rain there. what is going on? >> good morning, everybody. a wet morning here in north carolina, but the good news is the rain overnight let up and it let up enough to allow the water to recede. for example, here we are. this is new center road behind me. you can see the traffic moving and a few puddles here and there and that's what you can expect after 20 inches of rain in the last three days but here's where the debris is right here. the pocket of pine needles indicating where the debris line is. the water was up two and a half feet and this road was very much impassable. but that lighter rain we had last night allowed things to recede and that is just huge, huge news for this area. still, though, some problems on u.s. 17. it is closed down in brunswick county north and south people trying to get to and from ard time doing so. power outages up now to 14,000 between north and south carolina and reports of an injury near the queens lake area as a large tree has fallen on a c
's where the weather channel's jim cantore is joining us live. what is the latest on hurricane igor. >> yeah, alex, very alarming here. no question about it. when you've got the bermuda weather service saying the center will go within ten miles of the island. they're very confident about that forecast. also the safety minister comes out and says this is going to be the worst we've ever seen. when you think about the kind of destruction that fabian did back in 2003, lots of structural damage, i'm wondering myself when i'll be able to get out of here. this is going to be a dangerous storm. fabian lasted about 12 hours. it was in and out of here. obviously it did its damage. this is going to last about 40 hours. and hurricane force winds are going to last 12 hours. and this is going to be a long duration event, huge waves, 50-foot waves, 30 to 50 crashes on the beaches behind me here. already at low tide, you can see how the surf's up. it's starting to remove the beach, there's so much action in here. the airport will close down through monday. the safety minister is very concerned abo
's one time a category of category 4. back to you. >> jim cantore with the weather channel. thank you very much. >>> democrats trying to get organized. a daily rundown interview with president richard trumpca. >>> plus, the founder of facebook rip off the idea from his harvard classmates? a controversial new movie. >>> first, a look ahead at the president's schedule today. we told you about it. a town hall meeting with our friends at cnbc and then it's philadelphia. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. my name is vonetta, and i suffer from allergies. [ male announcer ] we asked zyrtec® users what they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. [ woman laughs ] [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. host: could switching to geico realis a bird in the handre on worth 2 in the bush? appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example t
winds and pounding waves. jim cantore is there. >> reporter: this is still breaking this morning. the best news we can give everybody is there's been no reports of major injury or death. they're very happy and they're very much priding themselves in that. power is down from 30,000 to 28,700 as there's been considerable damage to the power system grid out here. fist responders are clearing out. we're doing pretty good, the sun's coming back out. >> flood watches are in effect today in corpus christi, texas. more rain is expected throughout the day. >>> freed american sarah shourd is back in the u.s. calling her arrest in iran 14 months ago a huge misunderstanding and saying she's no spy, with two other americans still held in iran, she says she feels only one-third free. >>> the american government says that 5,400 people were killed in traffic accidents blamed on distracted driving. officials say the problem is still an epidemic. >>> a crash of a freight train in central india killed four people and injured several others. federal officials have now declared the bp well in the gul
for the labor day weekend. >> powerful winds and rain pushed through. >> the reporter jim cantore was in the middle of it all on cape hatteras and here's his report from earlier today. >> reporter: good morning from hatteras ferry landing. we continue to get absolutely h hammered from earl. this thing continues to send in these strong bands which have been pretty consistenter in a tropical storm force winds. gusts, some of them reporting as high as 75 miles an hour. unofficially, and as the gusts have come, they haven't caused power outages. we have other some flashes but all in all it's doing pretty good. here's the deal. the sound is right here. this is the ferry you would take to ocracoke. that won't happen, obviously. the water from the sound is splashing up over into the parking lot, on to highway 12. and that's pretty much the case as you move. it's not even a mile from here where you find some of that water about knee deep on the road as a result of that. as you go up past hatteras up through rodanthe, that's where we're getting the oceanside flooding and the winds are out
the pounding rains and driving winds could be deadly. the weather channel's jim cantore is in bermuda with the very latest. hey, jim. >> hey, alex. it is definitely getting miserable here by the minute. we have begun what is probably going to be a 36-hour period of these tropical storm and hurricane force winds. already starting to take its toll on the island. some of the southern provinces approximately 630 people have now lost power and that is only going to go up. trees and power lines are beginning to fail. even though igor is weakened and is a category one now, that doesn't mean we won't have problems in through here. the good news is the power company is definitely on stand by and ready to react. the problem is they won't be able to go out until the storm is over. the height of the storm is probably coming in tonight around the midnight hour where we'll see 75 or more-mile-per-hour wind gusts. that's hurricane force. you know, what this tropical storm force wind isn't going to do the wind is expected to do in terms of power damage and tree lines down. we're talking about wave ac
with that strong storm system th's causing a lot of problems down in florida this morning. jim cantore is in ft. lauderdale. jim, good morning to you. >> reporter: we're expecting about four to eight inches of rain here, you're thinking we're on the beach, the sand drains well, no. they're very concerned about flooding down through here. yesterday water managemen starting to lower the canals, so that water once it does start to fall heavy will be able to get out and it can't get trapped on the road the schools and government offices are open today. we expect delays and problems through here with the flooding and we could even see winds gusting to 50 miles an hour as the storm pulls to the north. we'll keep you posted from south florida, matt, back to you. >> al roker is tracking the storm, and he's upstairs with more. >> right now it's 190 miles south/southwest of miami. 35-mile-per-hour winds, it's moving north/northeast at about 14 miles an hour. the path of this storm brings it right along the coast thursday morning around 2:00 a.m., then moves inland sometime thursday afternoon and makes it
with a hurricane warning issued for north carolina. jim cantore is live in cape hatteras and bill karins is tracking the storm in new york. jim, first to you. what's the latest on the evacuations there? >> reporter: well, there's a lot of people leaving, unfortunately, right at the beginning of a holiday weekend coming up and of course the calm before the storm. it's beautiful, calm, great day to be out on the beach. ocracoke is first. they will come where i am to hatteras island. via the ferry. been doing it all morning. nobody is going out to ocracoke. this is a mandatory evacuation for visitors only at this time. there's been no issue of a mandatory evacuation for residents. given the fact we can see hurricane force winds and certainly a tremendous amount of overwash, people will underestimate that, people living in low-lying areas will need to evacuate. so far so good for the visitors. we came into a house that people were staying at and plan to stay right through sunday and obviously they are very bummed they have to leave. this is one of four major weekends where people that own bu
, though bermuda took a pounding overnight. the weather channel's jim cantore joins us live via skype. this was nerve-racking, bermuda waiting for it to hit. what happened last night, jim? >> reporter: absolutely. talking about what once was a fabian storm potential to hit in through here, the worst in 2003, that they've had which turned into obviously a much lighter situation but it done mean we won't have impacts. reports are saying considerable damage to the power grid. they've got a lot of cleanup but they are going to get a handle on thattess this morning and bring back the 30,000 that have lost power as a result of the storm. i've got to show you this. this is a amazing to me. we had 20 to 40-foot seas and as we pan out, look how beautiful the ocean water, you wouldn't know that a hurricane rolled through here and to for last 33 hours straight we've had gusts or sustained tropical storm force winds at the airport. this is amazing. people are walking beaches, checking it out. there's been considerable erosion on these beaches. you can tell from the angle that i'm at. but everybod
four but lost steam on the outer banks of north carolina. the weather channel's jim cantore was in hard-hit cape hatteras. >> we are still taking it on the chin. this water is compliments and it continues to push up with these strong northerly winds. >> reporter: earl made a turn, setting its sights on the northeast coast, kicking up surf on new york's long island and creating dangerous rip currents up and down the coast. but in the end, earl will go down as a near miss for much of the coast. and those who were once bracing for the worst can now look ahead to enjoying the rest of this holiday weekend. and again, in and around the cape and also nantucket, reports of minimal damage, but emergency crews did have utility vehicles as well as cleanup crews in position before the storm hit. so any damage that they do find this morning, alex, they'll be able to take care of pretty quickly. >> that's good. and i'm happy for the folks in chatham they'll have a nice labor day weekend, it seems. thank you so much, michelle franzen. >>> we will continue, of course, to watch the latest impact of trop
out the weather channel's jim cantore with an up close look at the fierce conditions overnight. >> we are now dealing with our sixth consecutive hour of sustained tropical storm force winds here as they just continue to howl in this area. >> photos this morning show the aftermath, a gas station unable to withstand the winds coming in from a friend and producer. in new jersey, a waiting game to see how much trouble earl kicks up. >> been down here for a few weeks and only one rainy day since we've been down here and it's -- the waves starting to kick up but it's definitely a stay indoor day. >> well, the bay state's not taking any chances. people boarding up the houses out is of cape cod. the massachusetts governor declared a state of emergency. let's show you the latest radar loop. the path along the eastern seaboard. forecasters say that storm can still pack a punch. let's go to massachusetts now. the cape cod peninsula and paul goodloe in chatham today. how are things looking out there, paul? >> reporter: well, right now, it's not bad, contessa. we had sunshine last couple of days.
. this is the better scenario we had expected. now 50 miles to the south, jim cantore is in cape hatteras. jim, how is it down there? >> reporter: it's rough down here, too, matt. we've had about eight straight hours of sustained tropical force winds, gust at 78 miles an hour. our winds are out of the north, right up across highway 12 here. you can actually see it here. hatteras ferry landing and at times you get the oversplash. as the winds die down, we'll see this debris. we don't know how much of highway 12 is covered with water. we made an attempt to get out to get some pictures before the sun came up but we couldn't get very far at all, maybe a couple of hundred yards but that was about it before we ran into water that was coming up to our tire, so we obviously turned back. the situation here should improve until the water recedes. we didn't lose power during the entire event and may, for many of the business owners and people who had vacation plans here this weekend, salvage part of the weekend if it's not that bad and there is no breach. vacationers may get back in here tomorrow. back to you
power outages. weather channel's meteorologist jim cantore has this report from the beach. >> in addition to the sun coming out for the first time in three days, the best news is no reports of major injury or loss of life. that is fantastic news coming out of bermuda, especially with the hit we took last night. check this out. as we look over the water, we had 20 to 40-foot waves yesterday pounding these beaches, dark gray water, and now look, just an absolutely beautiful blue. you would not know i hurricane rolled over here last night and lasted for just over 36 hours. amazing, to say the least. the bad news is we got considerable reports to damage to the power system. that's going to take a while before they get things back in order there. so as quick as the first responders could get out and start cleaning up the debris on the road, which there is a lot, the workers right behind them trying to repair the power and the bridge that was out last night. the power starting to become regenerated on the island. six-sevenths lost power because of the storm. the scar of the hurr
landfall on the outer banks of north carolina. the weather channel's jim cantore was in hard-hit cape hatteras. >> as you can see, we're taking it on the skin. this water continues to push up with the strong northerly winds. >> reporter: earl made a turn, setting its sights on the east coast, creating dangerous rip currents up and down the coast. but in the end, earl will go down as a near miss for much of the coast. and those who were once bracing pour the worst can now look ahead to enjoying the rest of this holiday weekend. here in chatham alone main street many of the businesses that boarded up will be looking forward to also getting that last holiday weekend rush back in for sales. alex? >> all right. i think it's too pretty to be inside stores right now. it looks gorgeous where you are and very windy. thank you very much, michelle franzen. >>> here with me now, nbc meteorologist bill karins. it had a chance to do damage on the east coast. what happened here? >> the forecast path was excellent. i give it probably a b plus or a minus from the hurricane center. they never had it ma
here in this part of the outer banks mid-50s range. one clocked with jim cantore close to hurricane force strength and some say 74. but norah, this is the way you want the aftermath of a storm. not a lot to report. back up to you. >> yeah, ron. i understand north carolina officials say highway 12 which is on hatteras island that was closed through friday may reopen saturday so as you said looks like they have dodged the bullet and that's good news. >> reporter: good news, indeed. in fact, a lot of folks who have left to go to shelters, residents and tourists alike, are able to come back that evacuation order lifted today and we should see the beachgoers coming back and jersey shore should be great this weekend in terms of weather. norah? >> good to hear. ron moot, thanks so much. happy labor day to you, as well. i'm joined by meteorologist big bill karins. all right, bill. who if anyone will see damage from the storm? it looks like as ron said just some heavy winds but otherwise everybody's pretty safe. >> nothing significant. still could see minor damage with the friends in nova sc
as well. >>> let's given with the damage caused by hurricane igor in bermuda overnight. jim cantore joins us from elbow beach in bermuda. >> reporter: we're just getting in breaking news, no reports of major injuries or loss of live here on the island, that is great news, however there's lots of debris and trees all over the roads all across the island this morning. some 30,000 customers are report nothing power here. the highest wind gust reported at the airport was 93 miles an hour. and the big question is, what is the word on the airport? how did it make it through this storm? what type of shape is the cause way in that leads into the airport? that's the big question this morning. there was a tremendous amount of beach erosion here, 15 to 30 feet of beach lost as a result of one of the largest storms in the atlantic basin history. >> al roker is tracking igor as well. good morning to you. >> good morning, it's 135 miles north of bermuda. winds 75 miles an hour. down to a category 1 storm. moving north/northeast at 17 miles an hour. for us, the big problem is going to be the rip current
as it made landfall on the outer banks of north carolina. jim cantore was in hard hit cape hatteras. >> as you can see, we're still taking it on the chin. this water is compliments of pamly company sound and it continues. >> reporter: earl made a turn kicking up occur of surf on new york's long island and creating dangerous rip currents up and down the coast. but in the end, earl whether go down as a near miss for much of the coast. and those who were once bracing for the worst can now look ahead to enjoying the rest of this holiday weekend. and any damage that they find later on this morning, they have crews in place ready to go to make sure the cape is returned to its glory. >> michelle franzen this morning, thank you. >>> while earl continues to lose steam, it is it is leaving behind some dangerous conditions at the beach this holiday weekend. the weather channel's mike seidel is on the tip of the island . >> reporter: the sun is out but the memory lingers. this is the do you know line. just two days ago go, it was up here. so the beach is being rearranged and now the do you know
on the east coast. the weather channel's jim cantore is in wilmington, north carolina, with more. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. something we haven't seen in a while, drizzle. we've had about a third of our normal rainfall we have in a year in just three days. 20 inches of rain, and you can see how high the water got here. traffic is moving now, but this is the debris line, these pine needles and leaves and whatnot because the water rose very quickly. let's take you back to last night when we were raining at 2 inches an hour. that causing a lot of problems on the roads. u.s. 17 still closed this morning. they actually had to do water rescues as a result of this torrential rain. the good news is most of the night we saw the water come down. great news there. now, winds have not been as high as they were most of the morning, but at times they have gusted to 50 miles an hour. we expect another round of rain, abo but it seems at least in wilmington the worst is over. this is move to the northeast to washington, d.c., baltimore, and new york. it will make a headache of roads and a
you, al. we'll check back in a couple of minutes. let's go down the coast about 50 miles. jim cantore is in cape hatteras. jim, how's it looking there? >> reporter: it's looking a little better but not by much. this is pamlico sound and that's the problem. because the winds are out of the north as the storm moves to our east, that brought a lot of this sound over highway 12. we've got a lot of problems with highway flooding. now that the sun is up we've got a chance to assess the situation. many can't get through far hatteras village because of the water, in some cases up to doors on some of these vehicles, so traffic down this way is still impassable. we had a rough night. the stormcenter coming about 85 miles from hatteras island. we had a hurricane-force gust. more importantly eight hours straight of tropical storm force sustained winds with very heavy pounding rain. ñe=uÑñ is it time to breathe a sigh of relief, sir? >> not really, but it is looking a little bit clearer as to what the trend will be. i've got the longer trend of the satellite. you can definitely see that the wel
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